Offering HOPE for the Cancer Journey

Individual Christian Counseling for Women on the Cancer Journey

Beth Zier, M.A., LMHCA

Breast Cancer Survivor

Life itself is a journey, one through which we are often faced with struggles and challenges. So how do we deal with them? How do we survive them, especially if we are faced with a life-threatening diagnosis, such as cancer?

What does it even mean to be a survivor? It is said that a person with cancer is a survivor from the moment of diagnosis.

Beth Zier has been a survivor since being diagnosed with breast cancer on November 19, 2002.

Who Is Beth Zier?

As a Breast Cancer survivor, Beth Zier had to wrestle with the various questions, concerns, fears and uncertainties you may have; those related to the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that may come with a cancer diagnosis. Part of what helped her to make sense of her experience, was the simultaneous journey with her pursuit of becoming a Professional Counselor. It was also through that pursuit in part, that she found meaning and purpose for her life and how to move beyond cancer.

As a Christian counselor, Beth encourages women to look at life with what she refers to as P.M.A. (a Perspective Made Above). She invites women to consider how God can bring good out of the life challenges they face, including a cancer diagnosis.

She welcomes the opportunity to help those dealing with cancer. As a result of her own journey, she can provide insight into and perspective on what is often an overwhelming experience. She can help with processing the fears and uncertainties that come with the diagnosis, and perhaps help you move forward on your journey as well.

Where are YOU along the journey?

Early on the Cancer Journey

You may still be trying to deal with the challenging thoughts, feelings, and questions related to any emotional, relational and spiritual issues, as well as the obvious physical challenges and concerns.

Have you wrestled with …?

  • the disbelief/unfairness of the diagnosis
  • anger, perhaps even at God
  • the fear of the unknown
  • the uncertainty of what lies ahead
  • where God is in all of this
  • if anything good can come out of this

Already in Treatment

Consider too, the impact of your having cancer on your family and friends. At times you may feel alone and as though you are the only one affected by your cancer. Your family and friends are also likely struggling. As you fight cancer, those around you may be afraid of:

  • losing you
  • what to do for you
  • not being strong enough when you need them
  • the cancer itself

Developing open and honest communication with your family and friends can help in minimizing those fears.

Further Along the Journey

Perhaps you have been able to discover some good that has come through the challenge of dealing with cancer; that the cancer diagnosis itself has actually been a catalyst for helping you to re-evaluate your relationships and priorities.

Maybe you have made sense of your experience and have also begun to move forward. As you do, you can become more than a survivor; you can use the cancer experience to do more than just remain alive or stay well. You can discover important life lessons and gain a new perspective on the challenges and uncertainties, seeing them as opportunities and discovering what is really important in your life.

When you do make sense out of your cancer journey, and find greater meaning and purpose, you may also discover you have experienced personal growth, increased strength, positive change, and that there is always Hope for the Cancer journey!

Cancer Patient/Client Testimonials

Strengthened and Revitalized

“It's a difficult thing to share one's feelings session after session, but each time, I left Beth's office feeling strengthened and revitalized. She truly cares. And in that caring, I was able to open up completely. Beth had a way of encouraging me that led me, not to myself, but to Christ. She brought a fresh perspective to my diagnosis and healing. I am supremely grateful that I was able to receive such strength and kindness during that time in my life.” (Breast Cancer)

Wonderful Role Model

“This lovely lady, Beth Zier, has helped me walk this cancer journey though about a dozen counseling sessions. I recommend her to any ladies who are looking for a wonderful role model and a wise advisor who has also been through the adventure herself!” (Breast Cancer)

A Precious Answer

“Beth, I appreciate your help through this difficult time in my life. I could not have asked for a more precious answer to my need. Thank you.” (Lung Cancer)

A New Perspective

“Beth Zier helped me with my battle of fear after hearing my diagnosis. She asked me to list my fears on paper, making them more objective, and I could easily see most were either unfounded or I could find a new perspective on them.” (Breast Cancer)

Hope and Encouragement

“Beth Zier has been such a blessing in my life as I battle breast cancer. The one thing that has helped me the most throughout my cancer journey is having/knowing someone like Beth who has walked in my shoes and who knows exactly how I feel. Every feeling, fear and concern I have she listened, validated and responded with compassion, care and understanding. When she speaks to you, you feel cared about and heard. She has made me feel very comfortable and has shown me how to take frightening cancer situations and look at them from a different perspective. Some days I didn’t know if I would make it through but she was right there to offer me hope and encouragement. Through Beth I have learned how to trust God more and how he will make something good come out of my breast cancer diagnosis. Thanks to Beth I have hope as I continue my fight against breast cancer. I feel very blessed to have her in my life.” (Breast Cancer)