Testimonials from other professionals…

“I am a Mental Health Professional (M.H.P.) and a practicing therapist in the state of Washington since 1997. I have taught various graduate and undergraduate human service courses at numerous colleges in the northwest region since 1998. My perspective on individual therapists who are ‘up and coming’ has been broad and extensive.

I am glad to identify Beth Zier as one who I expect to be a significant contributor to those who avail themselves to her service and support. She brings an insight that is professionally sound, and filled with Christian understanding and compassion. She demonstrates integrity, determination, consistency and an ability to empathize as a result of her own growth and development. Her strengths include her willingness to be accountable, her biblical sense of right and wrong, and her hesitance to pass judgment. She is unconditional in her acceptance of people, and yet has learned the critical sense of balance and timing, exposing behaviors that are counter-productive. Those women who access her intervention skills will be much better as a result.” Jeni Gregory, PhD., MSW, MHP, RC

“Over the years I have know Beth to be first and foremost a woman of faith with the heart of a servant. She has tended to her faith journey with diligence, seeking to know her Lord Jesus more deeply, and seeking to serve him more faithfully each day. I have witnessed her courage as she not only survived breast cancer, but met it head on with faith and determination. I walked along side her in her journey and I was comforted and inspired by her.

As she pursued her career in counseling with women, I saw in her a deep passion to help women who struggle with various issues of pain and suffering in their lives to find hope and healing, grace and peace. She has a wonderful way of combining gentle compassion and encouragement with the kind of honest and directness needed to move one along the path to healing.

Beth is one of the most amazing women I know. She is a woman of deep faith and strong character. She is courageous and compassionate, humble and grace filled. She is funny and fun to be around, and genuinely real. Whether a friend or a client you are comfortable to be in her presence. She is a dedicated wife and mother and is able to balance her life in healthy ways.

Though I have moved away from the Puget Sound area, I still recommend Beth to my friends and colleagues in that area that are looking for a counselor.” Rev. Susan R.V. Gunderson

Testimonials from previous clients…

“Just a quick note to thank you for all your help!
I think you are an inspiration, and you give me a lot of tools that I can learn how to use to improve myself and my situation.
Your compassion and willingness to help have made a difference in my life.”

“I wanted to thank you for your generosity, love, support and prayers. You have been a blessing to me on so many levels. God continues to show himself faithful. He never ceases to amaze me and his love for me. I remember a desperate prayer asking the Lord to show me how much he loved me and I got to work and you were there. I felt like you were a gift to me from the Lord. And you are a gift to the world. Thank you for who you are. Also for assisting me in finding myself and helping me on my journey.”

“Your kindness and concern have been a big help for me during all of these trials. I can't thank you enough for giving me hope and the peace of mind that I needed to get past my feelings of guilt and separation from God and His grace. He does great things through you.”

“Beth provided me with wonderful nurturing, care and comfort when I was hurting. She speaks softly and directly to you. When you are sharing your story, she is listening and her eyes show her caring. She puts you at ease immediately and you are able to relax. I had complete confidence in her. The homework she gives you helps you to continue your understanding of your need and reinforces your sharing time with Beth. I cannot say enough praise of how Beth helped me and I encourage all women to give Beth the opportunity to help you too.”

“I saw Beth Zier as my therapist during a difficult period in my life. I felt comfortable with her and also felt that she really heard my situation. I found her to be both approachable and friendly, showing care and concern.”

“My experience in counseling with Beth Zier was comforting and positive. She expressed genuine concern for my struggles and worked diligently to assist me in brain-storming effective solutions. Beth is a fantastic listener who has a heart for her clients and desires to improve their circumstances. I would definitely recommend her services!”

“I’ve seen other counselors over the years, but Beth brought issues to the forefront that I didn’t know were a problem. Beth patiently and effectively helped me deal with those issues and it really changed my life. I believe that Beth’s God-given abilities are the reason she has such great insight. Beth made me feel at ease and I always felt that my best interests were her utmost concern. Thank you for everything Beth.”

“I am honored to have the opportunity to share with you how God has used Beth Zier’s counsel as an instrument of change in my life. By the leading of God’s spirit, I had been made aware of some very unhealthy ways of managing stress and I felt an urgency to get to the bottom of it. God directed me to seek out Beth’s counsel. She was there with an open heart and mind. She seemed astutely aware of and interested in every word that I had to say and made me feel like the most important person in the room when having a conversation with her. My impression of Beth was that she truly cared and that her compassion was genuine and authentic. She was very approachable and down to earth and put me at ease right away.

I was unaware at that time that coming to God’s truth about where I was would be a long process and take much time and energy. Beth, on the other hand, assured me that she was ‘in it for the long haul’ and she remained a constant source of hope and encouragement to me. She helped me explore the issues at hand and directed me in taking the necessary steps toward making positive changes in those areas, always encouraging a sense of self worth, making me feel valued and accepted. She was very gentle in helping me to identify self-defeating thoughts and patterns and has given me the tools by which to change them. Even though at times along the way, I may have felt lost and confused…she didn’t lose perspective and continued to point me to the work that Christ had done on the cross for me. When there were times that I needed to be assured of God’s forgiveness and reminded of the fact that my hope and identity was to be found in Christ alone… she was there to help instill and reiterate those truths.

I have to say that because of Christ through the life of His servant Beth Zier, I am a completely different person that I was just one year ago. Today, I am physically, spiritually and emotionally a healthier person. I desire now to look at my circumstances through the lens of God’s Word and to look with (as Beth would say)…‘an eternal perspective’ as opposed to seeing my circumstances as simply events that had happened to me. I can see life as part of a bigger picture now and that God desires to use it as a means of communicating His love and grace to others. As a result of Beth’s ministry of counseling, a deeper level of intimacy has been restored to my marriage and I am a better mother to my two children.

Beth is a beautiful result of what happens when a person is willing to be a vessel for God’s purposes. Thank you Beth, for giving to the Lord…”